About Ambiductor

Ambiductor was founded in 2010 as a private limited company. The founders have years of experience in the measurement of water and energy, and over 30 years experience in running profitable companies in the IT sector. Our specialty is far-reaching collaboration, severe applications, communication and stringent requirements. We use advanced but proven technology, often with industrial grade.

"Our expertise is your strength!"

Our goal is to resolve all applications we encounter, and that our customers always feel comfortable. All our clients are referrals. We also promise a response within 1 business day regardless of issue or project type.

Ambiductors name comes from Ambi which in Latin means force [ambitio] and ductor, also from Latin, from Akveduct, that road transportation for example, water.


Our Earth is the only one we have, and we are working very actively with environmental work. For us it is not an environmental policy and a worthless paper, but our fertile soil. Our background is from companies with the environment in the center, and we are working according to these principles.

"Being able to contribute to reducing environmental impact while saving money for our customers is a wonderful opportunity."

We set high standards for our suppliers and ourselves to always choose options that are most beneficial for our environment. It is our goal to become certified in the environment.

All the cars are environmentally rated and we do follow-up of all waste and CO2 emissions.

Ambiductor AB

Address, Stockholm office:
Armévägen 61-63
S-187 64 TÄBY

Address, Delsbo office:
Lyckostigen, Stormnäsvägen
S-820 60 DELSBO

Telephone / Internet:
Telephone: +46 8501 676 76
Fax: +46 8519 486 76
Kalle's cellphone: +46 70 42 676 76
E-mail: info [at] ambiductor.se
Web: www.ambiductor.se / www.ambiductor.com
Corporate no. 556805-5064

Corporate facts

Armévägen 61-63, 187 64 TÄBY, Sweden
Tel +46 (0)8-501 676 76


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