We choose our partners carefully. It is important to meet our demands regarding environmental impact, references, sustainability and human rights policies. Here we list our key partners.


AhlsellAhlsell Sverige AB

Ahlsell is a leading technical distributor in the Nordic countries within installation products, tools and machines. Shop online at Ahlsell's online store. They sell our meters in both water and energy.


Aquametro Oil MarineAquametro Oil & Marine

Aquametro is an old reputable company that since 2017 manuvacturs oil meters in a separate sister company. Aquametro Oil & Marine is represented around the world and supplies oil meters to ships and other engines and burners.

We sell their oil meters.



Axioma is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Axis Group, one of the Baltic's largest manufacturer and installer of energy products. They help to develop the bioenergy market in Europe, where the Baltic countries are at the forefront. Axioma is a very large and stable company, such as has met the much tougher requirements in Eastern Europe. Compatibility, fast delivery times and good prices characterize their products.

We sell everything from their energy meters and water meters to smart metering equipment and apartment measurement.


DahlDahl Sverige AB

Our meters can be purchased from Dahl, one of Sweden's largest HVAC wholesalers. Many of our products are also available in their webshop and stored at their central warehouse in Upplands Väsby. Dahl is increasingly becoming a specialist in measurement technology and data collection. As both hardware and service providers, they are a very stable partner and contribute to development both within us and in the industry as a whole.

Dahl is also available in other countries close to Sweden.


DNXDigital Nordix

They are an IoT / LoRaWAN operator that provides a subscription service for IoT solutions. Unlike other IoT providers, DNX's focus is entirely on ensuring a robust and scalable IoT network.

Digital Nordix is a Swedish company that manages its own and customers LoRa networks worldwide. Unlike GSM networks / LAN networks, LoRa networks are developed directly for IoT solutions with small data ranges, long range (city / regional network), 2-way mobile data, extreme battery life (10-15 years) and very low installations /operating costs.



This Italian brass manufacturer is the industry leader in Europe on mechanical water meters. Their products are characterized by a very favorable price. The factory also manufactures a variety of accessories such as couplings and nipples.

See hot water meter and cold water meter for more information.


HBVHBV (HusByggnadsVaror)

HBV is a purchasing function for Sweden's public housing companies. They conduct coordinated procurement for products and services linked to the construction, renovation and management of real estate. With more than 180 framework agreements, they daily help their member companies to manage and develop the accommodation for their tenants.

Ambiductor has a framework agreement for apartment metering products.


Integra MeteringIntegra Metering

Our energy and water meters for tough applications are manufactured in Switzerland by reputable Integra Metering. They were earlier called Aquametro AG but renamed after a merger with French Yzatec. They are well known for their precision and quality.

See energy calculators, hot water meters and smart metering equipment for more information. Their flagship is the popular calculator CALEC ST II.


Netmore GroupNetmore Group

As a network operator for LoRaWAN, the city and municipality offers an open network, accessible to all things and all people. The network, optimized for Internet of Things applications, provides brand new connectivity opportunities for the city, businesses and individuals.

Blink Services has already tested different Ambiductor sensors that work in their networks. Together with Blink Services we can offer a complete solution.


SamiR LtdSamiR Investment Ltd

Samir Investment Limited is, among other undertakings, a premier EPC & Supplies Division Company. Over the years, the company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skill, know-how and experiences in design and building solutions, project management services, building trades and related engineering works..

SamiR is our assigned partner i northern Africa.


Sensing LabsSensing Labs

The world's first manufacturer to certify separate LoRa modules. They have vast knowledge of LoRa and radio technology in general. They have their offices in beautiful Montpellier on the French Riviera.

See LoRa products for more information.



Sinfra stands for the Swedish Purchasing Center for Infrastructure and is an economic association owned by district heating companies and utility companies. The main purpose is to manage sustainable procurement of products, services and systems for the supply sector.

Sinfras procurement simplifies for the individual member. The member does not need to make his own procurement but can quickly and easily cancel existing framework agreements. Ambiductor has an agreement with Sinfra since 2016.



We are the local city networks. Together we build a Swedish infrastructure standard for IoT with LoRaWAN ™. We provide a local, digital community infrastructure. We have always done that.

In 2017, Öresundskraft took the initiative to StadshubbsAlliansen, which brings together the urban networks in a new common digital infrastructure for the smart community. More and more urban networks, municipalities and regions join. Today there are members from Skåne in the south to Norrbotten in the north. StadshubbsAlliansen thus begins to become a common nationwide infrastructure for IoT.

Want to know more about Stadshubben, StadshubbsAlliansen, IoT and LoRa technology? Visit Contact: Johan Nyström, tel 042-490 3284



A world leader in ultrasound technology and measurement technology. Accuracy, finish and delivery speed make their surface flowmeter and energy meter a winning concept.

See the ultrasonic meter for more information.

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