Ambisolution is the name of Sweden's best LoRa server. The server, powered by Ambiductor, handles everything related to IoT-communication.

Take control of your meters and sensors with LoRa.

Why Ambisolution?

Our application server enables the collection, handling and programming of sensors and meters in the field. The server enables visualization in other systems and export to all major measurement data management programs.

What is included in Ambisolution?

Our meters with integrated LoRa contain a time correction function to maintain specific requirements from governments regarding time stamping if connected to Ambisolution. The server also keeps track of all parameters in meters and sensors such as:

  • Decryption and decoding of telegrams, including sorting av reduntant data
  • Optimization of radio trafic with signal strength analysis
  • Logging of events and alarms
  • Export througy API and CSV
  • Battery monitoring
  • Etc.

LoRa data collection with Ambisolution

Redundant servers located in your country ensure the integrity of socially critical information.

Support for any network server / operator.

We support many sensors including:

  • Thermal energy meter E3
  • Flow sensor F1 IP68 (brass), W1 (composite), WM20 (brass and composite)
  • Energy calculator CALEC ST III
  • Any meter with Senlab external module
  • And many, many more

Components included in Ambisolution

Sensors and meters

Uppkopplade saker med LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, wireless M-bus eller 5G.


Connected things with LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, wireless M-bus or 5G.

Application server

After decryption and decoding, it controls things and exports data to any software. Each LoRa network can have several connected application servers.


Things are put into operation according to the manufacturers' instructions. First commissioning should be done by Ambiductor, or other trained personnel. Port opens to Ambisolution and function testing takes place in consultation between network owner and Ambiductor.


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