Individual metering and billing

With cost allocation systems in apartments, both residents and building owners save costs!

Conserving resources such as heat, electricity and water saves money and helps the environment at the same time. It can be done by improving the equipment in the property or by changing the attitude of users of the property. One solution does not exclude the other.

We have worked for many years with the efficiency of the control equipment but nothing gives such a significant impact in relation to the investment to change people's attitude to consumption. This is done through individual metering and billing.


By measuring hot and / or cold water in each apartment to apartment buildings, all the same ability to influence costs as those living in a single family house. The savings is often around or over 30% of consumption after installation of measurement systems.

The system consists of water meters installed in apartments incoming tribe / tribes. These meters communicate wirelessly or wired with our server, which then is used to affect the contributions to the residents. No running into people's apartments needed after we installed the system.


The temperature sensor on the wall in the apartments, all residents themselves influence how high their heating costs will be. The savings depends on the property, but according to the Energy Agency, it can be over 20% energy savings in older properties.

The system consists of temperature sensors in lägenheters larger room wireless or wired communication with our server. Depending on the temperatures of the residents in the apartments are adjusted charges accordingly.


Individual metering of electricity may be necessary if either pays flat fee of electricity or if there is an economic advantage to having one flat fee to the electricity provider by property instead of one flat fee per apartment. The savings can easily be 20% of consumption before measuring.

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