IoT & metering defying Corona

Published: Monday, 16 March 2020 Written by Kalle Hultman


The corona virus is spread throughout the world and affects all aspects of measurement technology and communication. The effects have already begun to appear. Also with us at Ambiductor.

Initial effects

Ambiductor follows the guidelines and rules decided by the Swedish authorities. However, we will try to run our business with as little disruption as possible.

In addition to this, we are also affected by other countries where manufacturing, transport, programming and assembly take place. This means that we can be affected by a number of factors that we do not have control over and that we cannot fully understand. This can last for a long period of time and have consequences we cannot yet see.

We have already begun to experience certain delivery delays on specific products. This is mainly due to a lack of material and temporary shut down production.

Our actions

Ambiductor cancels all participation at trade fairs and other events until further notice. We also set up scheduled courses and major customer meetings.

Personnel who exhibit disease symptoms stay at home. Unnecessary contact with external personnel is limited where possible.

In collaboration with our customers and partners

Of course, we are extremely grateful to have such nice and talented customers. We are also grateful to those who are doing their utmost to continue working to digitize Sweden.

We hope for understanding from our partners and customers. In this difficult moment, we have had to focus on the important. If you have specific views, I ask you to contact the seller you usually have contact with.

Support Swedish small businesses

We will try to support Swedish small businesses to the greatest extent possible, and hope others do the same. It hinders the impact on society's economy and ensures that we can finance healthcare.


Corporate facts

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