New energy meter replace our best seller

Published: Monday, 07 February 2022 Written by Kalle Hultman

Qalcosonic E3

We are now launching a new smart energy meter of the combi type for most applications. The meter Qalcosonic E3 replaces our previous meter Ambiductor HEAT 1.

Qalcosonic E3 is available from DN15 up to DN100 and can be ordered from Ambiductor or directly in Dahl's eshop.

Increased capacity for communication

Qalcosonic E3 belongs to a completely new generation of meters from Axioma in Lithuania. It has increased capacity for communication and can at the same time support M-bus, wireless M-bus with additional space for communication. The meter also includes LoRaWAN, Modbus, BACnet and soon NB-IoT. With all these options, the choice of communication should not have to affect the choice of meter.

Configurable during commissioning

It can measure both cold and heat. When you put the meter into operation, you can set different parameters so mounting on supply and return as well as positive and negative energy can be decided when you put in the meter. After commissioning, this is locked to comply with the MID directive.

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