Partnership with newly launched proptech company Enkey AB

Published: Wednesday, 23 August 2023 Written by Kalle Hultman

Enkey AB

Ambiductor now includes a partnership with the newly formed company ENKEY AB, a groundbreaking Proptech company in collection, analysis and export of measurement data.

Enkey is founded by Robert Rennel, Kalle Hultman and Johan Glimskog, three experienced entrepreneurs and experts in IT, IoT, BMS and measurement technology.

Enkey specializes in the collection of measurement data in buildings. By normalizing, enriching and visualizing this data, they can give property owners and managers detailed insights on how their buildings work and can identify areas for improvement.

"We are enthusiastic about launching Enkey and our cloud service Building Insight and offer our innovative solutions to property owners and managers," says Robert Rennel, co -owner of Enkey AB.

"We believe that our platform with measurement data collection and intelligent agents has the potential to change the view of how buildings work and contribute to a more sustainable future." Johan Glimskog, co -owner of Encey AB.

"By offering sensors and a unique platform for analysis and data sharing, the goal is for the property owner to more easily reach insights and more easily share that information with other Proptech solutions." Kalle Hultman, co -owner of ENKEY AB and owner of Ambiductor.

For more information about ENKey contact the company through

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