Production restarted of our most popular meter

Published: Sunday, 27 November 2022 Written by Kalle Hultman

Production running high

Now the smart ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 is back in full production. This means that all customers waiting for meters can expect to receive their deliveries soon.

The water meter has been a great success since it was launched in Sweden four years ago. The meter is currently available in sizes from DN15 to DN40 and will soon be launched in DN50. A meter that is hugely appreciated in utilities and in submetering.

After a longer period of restriction due to global component shortage, production is back in full swing. There are hundreds of thousands of meters in order, so delivery times are still long, but will gradually decrease.

The ultrasonic meter Qalcosonic W1 is also one of the world's most environmentally friendly meters with up to 92% recycling rate. The meter contains open technology for communication based on e.g. LoRa, NB-IoT and wireless M-bus. Commissioning can be done via optical technology and NFC.

The smart meters have alarms for leakage, risk of freezing, broken pipe and much more. Another novelty is that the meters are available with extended battery capacity, which extends the battery life to 20 years with Ambiductor's optimized configuration.

Today you can find these meters in a number of municipalities around Sweden.


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