Qalcosonic W1 LoRaWAN-certified

Published: Wednesday, 13 November 2019 Written by Kalle Hultman

W1 LoRaWAN certified

Qalcosonic W1 has been awarded LoRaWAN certificate as the first ultrasonic water meter in the world.

First in the world in ultrasonic water meters

Ambiductor was one of the earliest companies in Scandinavia to work with the LoRa technology. We have come across a lot of good and bad products and services. We share our experience, both positive and negative, and are appreciated by our customers.

One thing we noticed that is rarely mentioned in the industry is differences between products that look on paper on an equal footing. Adding LoRa as a communication method in a sensor is not difficult, but optimizing it to get the most out of products is something completely different.

We are therefore proud to announce that the Qalcosonic W1 LoRaWAN water meter has been certified. The meter is the only ultrasonic water meter in the world that has undergone this.

The Qalcosonic E3 energy meter, as the only ultrasonic energy meter, has also been certified. However, it has not come to Sweden yet.

The significance of the certificate

Certified devices ensure that the device is reliable and complies with the LoRaWAN® specification. This means correct LoRaWAN behavior of the products, reduces support costs and prevents product errors at a later stage when it is more expensive to fix.

They may wear the LoRaWAN® CertifiedCM quality mark, assigned only to LoRa Alliance members.

The meter in the utility context

The Qalcosonic W1 is perfect for utilities and submetering. It has the lowest start-up flow in the market and therefore guarantees high accuracy. Large-scale roll-out is already planned in several municipalities.

LoRa has many advantages over traditional wireless M-bus technology. But the meters are also available with wireless M-bus. We have some meters that communicate over 3-4 miles via LoRa which is almost 100 times as far as possible with wireless M-bus.

Advanced alarm handling, long battery life, included check valve and gaskets and with agreements from several municipalities is a natural and easy choice.



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