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Published: Monday, 23 September 2019 Written by Kalle Hultman

IoT-sales person wanted

Ambiductor is growing fast and now we need a technical sales person responsible for products within Internet of Things.

Driven sales person with technical interest

Your responsibility as a sales person is to handle everything from customer contacts, quotes, solutions, preparing documentation for programming etc. You have to be self-driven with an interest in technology, the know-how you get here. You also need to be prepared to handle logistics, purchasing and deliveries. Simple programming is also included.

The work also requires a sense of order and good knowledge of the Swedish language as you will need to be responsible for our documentation and parts of the marketing.

We are a small, flexible company that adapts work tasks to your qualifications and interests. You will have great help from colleagues with, in the industry, the level of knowledge mentioned. But you need to be open yourself to come up with new ideas as the needs of this industry have just begun.

The place of work is based at our office in Täby. Occasional trips may be needed.

About Ambiductor

We started 9 years ago with the sale of energy meters and water meters. Today we have also taken a leading position in the IoT industry which is growing explosively. We have generally increased by about 50% in sales each year, except in recent years when we mainly focused on development. Now this work is over and it is noticeable in the orders.

We have always worked in close collaboration with industry colleagues and business partners. We are used to working as a cog in a large machinery and are very happy with this. It creates friends within suppliers, customers and competitors. Although we are few at Ambiductor, we have hundreds of colleagues.

At our office, we out-spoken, have a flat organization and sit in cozy rooms in a nice area.

Information about the Internet-of-Things

Internet-of-Things offers completely new opportunities to set up a variety of sensors with minimal infrastructure in the property. Ideal for district heating, utilities, apartment metering, reference temperatures, alarms etc.

By using existing regional infrastructure, or your own local infrastructure, you get a system that is completely flexible, transparent and secure. The system suits all conceivable industries where sensors and alarms can replace manual labour. By saving a lot of unnecessary travel, you save on both environmental impact and working time. ROI is usually very short.

Ambiductor was the first in Europe with Internet-of-Things in district heating and since we launched this system has passed several generations with major technological advances. We are the leader in Scandinavia with this technology.

LoRa, which we prefer, already exists in some 70 municipalities with another 50 in the planning stage.

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Link to more about IoT (in Swedish)


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