Water leakage is unmeasured water

Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2022 Written by Kalle Hultman

Water leakage is unmeasured water

In water utilities, there is a lot of talk about water leakage. This is usually between 20-35% of all water supplied to the utility system. But what exactly is leakage?

Leakage can be divided into three types:

  1. Broken pipe details.
  2. Slow leakage in the VA system.
  3. Unsaturated water.

Broken pipe equipment provide sudden and large water leaks. Slow leaks are more difficult to find but can be detected by algorithm-controlled zone monitoring in software such as Ambisolution.

Unmeasured water is something that is distributed to the customer without billing. Many experts in the industry claim that this is the biggest part of "leakage". Ambiductor's water meter W1 has very low starting flows. Competing ultrasonic meters usually have twice as high starting flow rate and mechanical meters up to 5 times as high.

If only 5% of a municipality with 55,000 water meters has leaking toilets / taps, approximately SEK 1.8 million SEK per year can therefore be lost with other ultrasonic meters.

The film clearly shows how leaking taps (and leaking toilets) consume water that is never billed. This is classified as leakage but is in fact unmeasured water consumption.


The solution for unbilled water is called Qalcosonic W1 and other leaks Ambisolution.


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