Pite Energy shows the beach water temperature

Published: Tuesday, 27 June 2023 Written by Kalle Hultman

Bath water temperature buoy

What is it that rocks here in the water? Well, it's a sensor that keeps track of the bathing temperature!

For the third year in a row, Pite Energi has installed sensors on some of Piteå's most popular bathing places and throughout the summer the bathing temperature will be presented in real time for all bathing stoves.

With the help of the technology called LoRaWAN and small wireless and battery-powered sensors, the bath temperature is measured every half hour, around the clock at a depth of measurement about 50 centimeters below the surface. The technology is a standardized technology characterized by long range, low energy consumption and high security with safe data transfer. The sensors are powered by batteries, work wirelessly and allow them to be used where access to electricity is missing.

More about the buoys at: https://www.ambiductor.se/produkter/lora/smart-samhalle/ab1208-badtempboj (in Swedish)

Sensors have been placed in the water in:

⛱️ Norrstrand
⛱️ Gläntan
⛱️ Stenskär
⛱️ Hamnviken
⛱️ Sandöbadet
⛱️ Harrträsket
⛱️ Hemlunda
⛱️ Kvarndammen Altersbruk
⛱️ Lidräsket
⛱️ Blåmark

and the two new places for this year:

⛱️ Sjulsmark, Brännräsket
⛱️ Fårösundet, shrimp trail

With the help of IoT you can measure or control most things and with measuring the bathing temperatures shows Pite energy on the possibilities and contribute to a smarter Piteå.

See current bathing temperatures on http://www.piteenergi.se/badtemperatur/



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