Vega M-bus 1

Vega M-bus 1 Vega M-bus 1

M-bus-converter for up to 3 pcs meters to LoRa (IP65)

Enables LoRa in units with M-bus. Supports both polled and pushed transmission in class A or C.
Perfect for smart metering with energy meters, electricity meters and water meters.

Topic Possibilities
Accuracy / classification
  • IP65
  • OTAA (standard)
  • ABP (option)
  • N/A
Output options
  • LoRa 868MHz
Input options
  • M-bus (max 10 M-bus loads)
Power supply
  • 10 years replacable battery (depending on usage)
  • 10...36V through external battery or fixed power supply, requirement for class C
Important info
  • Prepared M-bus-decoding for selected meters. List of tested equipment on request
  • Transparent M-bus for meters not internally decoded
  • Periodic transmission of values (class A) or polled transmissions (class C)
  • Sending period freely programmable in minutes (1440 min at delivery)
  • Built-in temperature sensor


Kan ändras utan föregående meddelande. Vi hänvisar till fabrikantens datablad för exakta data.

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