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Oil meters, energy meters, water meters, Internet-of-Things and smart metering


We want to contribute to a better and a cleaner world. We want sustainable development continually reduce our impact on the environment.

"Being able to contribute to reducing environmental impact while saving money for our customers is a wonderful opportunity."

Our environmental work includes that we:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements and other obligations.
  • Establish and enforce our own environmental standards and objectives.
  • Document and assess the size of our footprint on the environment to provide the opportunity to compensate.
  • Work for optimizing energy efficiency throughout our operations. In cases where it is practical and economically feasible, use best available techniques.
  • Apply and develop our waste separation, energy and recycling.
  • Minimize our use of materials. In addition, materials can be accommodated in order to maximize the recovery rate of all business functions.
  • Selecting suppliers and partners who want and can help reduce our collective environmental impact.
  • Ensure that all employees hold an understanding and knowledge enough to take responsibility for their own environmental impact.
  • Continuously develop our position and improve our environment enhancement routines. We must continually evaluate and develop real estate, equipment and vehicles with regard to energy consumption, emissions, fuel and waste.

Quality Policy

It is our goal to:

  • Through a process-oriented approach in developing our business in order to best satisfy our customer requirements and expectations.
  • Excel in the technical development and to be responsive to market needs and ideally meet these before they occur.
  • Implement strategic activities that assure the quality of the whole process from inquiry to delivery and follow-up.
  • Continually improve our employees' understanding of quality.
  • Mever lose our critical view on the quality level we meet today, but strive to continually improve.


We apply a quality management system similar to ISO 9001. Quality is central to Ambiductor and we believe that today we have a sufficiently rigorous annual audit, but today's market demands have further reinforced the need to document and present the company's processes. A new edition of the ISO standard was recently launched, and we plan to in the near future certificate in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 900x/1400x.


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