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Oil meters, energy meters, water meters, Internet-of-Things and smart metering

Smart property

Measure and control indoor climate.

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Vibration monitoring engine for predictive maintenance with LoRa (IP68)

Self-programming unit that analyses vibration in engines and indicates deviances from current vibration pattern.
For monitoring pumps and engines.

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery


Digital inputs and outputs for monitoring and control (IP55)

Monitor and control with LoRaWAN. Alternatively class A or class C.
Suitable for monitoring and controlling lighting, pumps, fire hydrants, etc.


InputsOutputsPower supply
10 digital 4 digital 24 V / battery

Modbus LoRaWAN bridge

Converts Modbus to LoRa, Class A or C (IP55)

For wireless measurement collection from meters and sensors with Modbus.
Suitable for water meters, energy meters, pumps, ventilation units, etc.

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery/9...24V


Pulse to LoRa converter (IP55/IP68), available with ATEX

Collects pulses or digital inputs and sends them over LoRaWAN.
Suitable for water meters, electricity meters or thermal energy meters

InputsOutputsPower supply
Pulse, digital in LoRa Battery


Temp/humidity sensor with LoRa

Accurate temp/humidity sensor with LoRaWAN.
Usable for reference temperature measurement etc.

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery


Indoor climate sensor for conference rooms and classrooms with LoRa (IP30)

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide, VOC, brightness and movement with LoRaWAN.
Suitable for conference rooms, office environments and classrooms

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery


Differential pressure sensor, filter guard for ventilation units (IP65)

Measures differential pressure across filters and forwards via LoRaWAN.
For planning filter changes. Also digital status input and temp.

InputsOutputsPower supply
Air connection LoRa Battery


Door alarm, window alarm, gate alarm (IP65)

Alarms when passing through opening of doors, windows or gates via LoRaWAN.
For burglar alarms via openable doors or gates

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery


Shock, movement and tilt alarm with temperature sensor via LoRa (IP30)

Get a signal when products move or tilt via LoRaWAN. Also temperature.
Fits well lids and other anything else that needs to stand still.

InputsOutputsPower supply
- LoRa Battery


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