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18 May 2019

Europes most modern water meter with IoT is here

Europe's most modern water meter

Finally, Ambiductor is launching its most revolutionary meter ever. The long awaited Qalcosonic W1 is here.
It is available for both DN15 and DN20 and supports several radio protocols.
Qalcosonic W1 takes a substantial technical step past all other meters in the market.

Revolutionary technology

As the name suggests, the meter is built with ultrasonic technology and lacks moving parts. The meter's design means a very low pressure drop, an exceptionally accurate measurement and a very low starting flow. As the only meter of its kind, it can measure flows down to 1 liter per hour and have a certified accuracy of 5 liters per hour.

The meter has a variety of functions such as alarms for leakage, overflow, sabotage etc. All alarms can be read in the display and are sent via radio.

Qalcosonic W1 is available with LoRa, wireless M-bus T1, S1, C1 or any combination of these. And more radio protocols are on the way.

Life span

It can be mounted submerged under water (IP68) and is very easy to recycle after disassembly. The enclosure is made of durable composite.

Our standard configuration has 16 years of battery power but is available with longer or shorter times depending on how you use the radio.

Well tested integrated IoT

With LoRa, ranges up to 30 km are already measured in Sweden. Log times, transmission times etc. can be customized and can be changed after delivery.

Each telegram can contain up to 16 measurement points and has advanced alarm management. Alarms can also be obtained event-driven, which means that one can get a radio telegram immediately sent to him when something has happened. The meter has already been tested at Blink Services, DNX, Stadshubbsalliansen and integrated in Ambisolution.

Easy deployment with NFC and automatic activation

The meters have NFC built-in. This means that all parameters can be changed with just one mobile phone. With a simple app and the right skills, the meter is very flexible to work with.

Radio activation can either be activated by pouring through 25 liters of water, via the app or via an optical eye.

Ready for utility market

The meter is approved for billing of drinking water. It is available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Built-in check valve is standard for DN20 cold water.


Already at the end of 2018, the tests began with the new water meter Qalcosonic W1 in Sweden. These experiences have played a major role in the development of a final product that is now finally ready. We would like to send a big thank you to all the customers who have chosen to test the meters in different environments and under different conditions.


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