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23 July 2020

Expansion in IoT with new manager

Expansion in IoT

Ambiductor is expanding rapidly in Internet-of-Things and now has the pleasure of welcoming a new IoT manager, Rose, who will be responsible for both development and sales in everything related to connected smart products.


For the past 4 years, we have been leading the introduction of smarter real estate, smarter measurement and smarter society via Internet-of-Things. Our introduction was the most difficult we could have ever done - we were the first in all of Europe, perhaps the world with IoT using LoRa in district heating meters. Since then, we have trained our competitors and partners how to do this.

After that, the development has gone very fast with new partners, products and services. Although we have focused mainly on development, our expansion has been greater than we thought and we have had constant growing pains. Therefore, since the New Year, we have succeeded in recruiting Rosemary Uppgård to take overall responsibility for our entire IoT business.

Who is Rose?

Rose comes from a business with sales of small engines with which she has had great success in Sweden. Since then, she has worked with activities aimed at making employees feel better through body and soul care. We are now very proud to welcome her to a world of small smart products that create completely new opportunities in society.

The goals now are that we will continue to develop products and services at the same high pace as before, but at the same time take care of all the customers who have dared to take the step into the IoT world. Reality often exceeds the customer's expectations and the need to scale up has greatly increased and now we are going from a lot of Proof-of-Concept to massive rollout. Rose is responsible for this whole upscaling of IoT projects.


In addition to great needs in Sweden, there is great interest from other countries to get started with similar activities. This year we are starting collaborations with customers and partners around Europe, Asia and Africa who want to try and make the journey we have made. The interest is very great and other countries have many good ideas but are also amazed at our ideas in Sweden. We have a very long experience of system development and machine-to-machine communication.

What will happen in the future?

When development goes so fast and when there are so many forces pulling in different directions, it is difficult to predict the future. Collaborations are a must for both vendors and users to maximize the benefits of IoT. The companies that adopt a way of working where they share and collaborate will have very large synergies. You will never be able to be the best at everything.

We do not think we've seen all the applications for IoT yet. Which applications will be the largest will not be related to which ones feel logical. It will depend on emotions and zeal. The prevalence and use of IoT will also look incredibly different around Sweden. Municipalities that act individually will lag behind, while those with financial reasons or staffing problems will develop faster and achieve greater success.

Right now, LoRa is by far the largest technology in Sweden and we do not see that it will change quickly, but NB-IoT will also have a place where they have the greatest strengths. There will also be proprietary systems for a surprisingly long time to come. This is because wrong bets mean prestige losses. We can already see this in some municipalities that have invested large sums in older technology that are now defending their choice by counteracting the development of new ones. It would be better to stand for the choice you once made and count on what would be the best way forward if you were to make a new decision. Keep an open mind.

Some dangers we see right now are the risk of lack of competition. Locking in technology or users who get caught up in convenience is economically negative for society. To fully embrace IoT is to test different paths and to choose the right one with the brain.

Dare to trust suppliers, but ensure the opportunity to break if things go wrong. And dare to test on a smaller scale, dare to make mistakes. These are our biggest tips.

Pleasant summer!


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