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23 June 2019

New bath-temp-buoy with Internet-of-Things


We are now launching an Ambiductor-designed bathing temp buoy that measures the water temperature along beaches and ports. The buoy sends data via the Internet of Things to a website. Our buoy has some strengths that make it the obvious choice for Swedish and foreign beaches.

Keep track of the bath temperature which can vary greatly according to the weather.

Why bath temp buoy?

After we received many comments on the buoys that were previously used in different municipalities, we have listened and tried to do something better. Therefore, we have prioritized commissioning, theft and sabotage protection, service and its behavior in the water.

The buoy, which is not yet named, utilizes the latest in IoT via LoRa and can be programmed remotely. Activation and deactivation are easily done by the owner of the sensor.


The buoy is attached to the anchor line and the anchor via the pre-assembled shackle. The sensor can be activated in the water, or in advance. Assembly and activation takes place in a few minutes. It is just as easy to pick up the buoy in the autumn.

Theft and sabotage protection

After evaluating various theft protection, we have come to the conclusion that the best method is to make the buoy less attractive to thieves. It has therefore been manufactured from simple materials and with an ordinary appearance. The buoy has, however, been equipped with a label that shows a connection to measurement and a QR code that links them to information about where a lost buoy can be reported. The buoy also has the latest in LoRa technology and an accurate, waterproof temperature sensor.

Sensor, antenna and LoRa are enclosed in the buoy and require tools to be sabotaged.

As an option, the buoy can be equipped with a GPS transmitter for tracking.


The buoy can be opened using tools and can be activated / deactivated and subsequently programmed. The temperature sensor itself can be changed and upgraded. Spare parts are available if something should be damaged during handling.

Life span

The entire buoy can be submerged under water (IP68) and has up to 22 years of battery power depending on the network and transmission range.

Well testad integrated IoT

The buoy uses our standard SL codec. All communication can also be obtained via our application server Ambisolution. This means that the telegram can already be interpreted by services from eg. Allbinary, Atea, DNX, Iote, Infra control, Metrima, Momentum, Sensative, Webport etc.

The sensor range is already well-known and is recommended by most network servers.

Link to the product page for the buoy


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