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28 January 2021

New meter sizes launched

New meter sizes launched

Our range of water meters for utilities is now being expanded with larger sizes of the popular water meter Qalcosonic W1. DN25 is already launched at the end of 2020 and DN40 and DN50 will arrive in February / March.

This means that we have meters that can handle from Q3 1.6 all the way up to 25 m3/h in the same meter type, with the same telegram and functionality. It is the ultimate meter for both water and sewerage and apartments.

About the meter

Qalcosonic W1 is made of composite plastic and is available with certified LoRa, certified NB-IoT and wireless M-bus. The meters are available with a dynamic measuring range from R250 all the way up to R1000 and contain alarms for the most part imaginable such as leakage, broken pipe, backward flow and sabotage. All alarms can be reprogrammed remotely.

Qalcosonic W1 is used in utilites, apartments, communities and much more. It fully supports our Ambisolution and Ambivision services but also works with a variety of other software. The meters are based on 100% transparency.

New accessories

All possible data such as measuring quality, pressure and temperature in the water can also be added to the meter. But the platform is dynamic, which means that only the imagination sets limits to what data can be collected. And from sensor to visualization, there is secure encryption that protects both the data and the system.

New platform

In connection with the launch, there will be a completely new platform for handling all functions and encryption keys, as well as a number of other parameters. This replaces the old mobile app and the old software.

Thanks to this, it becomes a child's play to troubleshoot and adjust their meters according to the desired functionality. The new platform is so simple that no documentation is even needed.

Other news

In 2020, we have also developed a completely new payload (telegram) that contains more data. We also support more different downlinks (remote programming) where we can set alarms, select payload, number of measuring points etc.

We have also optimized the meter for longer ranges and longer battery lives, so now they come with 20 years of battery life (depending on configuration).

The measuring houses have been redesigned to make room for all accessories that may be needed in VA such as non-return valve, strainer, gaskets etc.


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